Do you believe in "fate" when it comes with love?

Answer the questions above and below.


Someone keeps coming back into my life. He left the school, I moved to his road, he came back to school a year later, and as if he knew I was missing him, he winked "I'm back!" kind of wink.

We always end up leaving one another and then coming back. The scenarios on top were just the recent ones. Does this mean we're meant to be together?


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  • I don't know. If a different guy kept coming back into your life, but he was creepy and possibly dangerous, would that be fate too?


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  • definitely or workpals, the difference being the scope and minor details

  • Believe - yes, but I think it's rare. You'll never know if you don't give it a shot.

  • Yes...I kind of believe in fate...but I also believe in tragedy.

    Think: Romeo & Juliet. Two lovers fated to be together but never meant to be happy.

    I had a similar situation to yours but it always ended in tragedy. We'd cross paths all the time, even when we were trying to avoid each other, but we were no good for each other. I felt we were meant to be together. I was wrong. Fate can be cruel.

    I pray your situation does not end up like mine did.


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