Dilemma: You already have plans. But you're interested. Best response to the Gent?

If a guy you just met last weekend asks you out tonight, but you have plans, for all the guys who over-analyze text messages, what does a girl say or not say if she is still interested? I hate over-analyzing but guys I accept as dates almost always seem to misinterpret what I say in such circumstances. Here are my potential choices (note: already texted the first):

a) Hey (name), I'd love to but I already have plans tonight. Another night?

b) Hey! That'd be fun, but I'm already meeting with a friend tonight! Maybe this weekend?

c) Hey (name), I'm actually meeting with a friend tonight, what about Friday?

d) (your suggestion here)

To me, A. sounds like I'm not interested (even though I am), or could be playing games (even though I'm not). B. sounds like me the most, but I could be over-analyzing in thinking some guys find it too "friend-like"/not feminine/un-sexy, and C. sounds like I'm taking away the guys reigns, in my opinion. Now guys (and girls), it's you're turn to over-analyze my possible responses! :) Thanks everyone!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Overanalyzing. Plain and simple. Any guy that is interested in you will not "misinterpret" you should you actually propose another time/place to meet.

    If he asked you out for something and you texted him back "sry busy 2nite" THEN that's a sign we take that you probably don't want or care about us.

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      Nicely said.