I heard that guys don't text all the time because they don't feel they need to. What about if they like a girl?

One of my girl friends told that her guy friend told her when you're really close friends with someone, you don't feel the need to talk to them all the time, which is why it seems like guys ignore us...they just don't text constantly. So I was wondering how it works when you like a girl? Do you still not text her whenever you can?


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  • Only if I have something I want to tell her. I would always make the effort to contact a girlfriend, even if I'm busy, but there are times when it just seems needy and like I'm overdoing it. I think that's why some guys don't text that often - fear of seeming like that or being boring.


What Girls Said 1

  • Idk...is seems like this is typically how it is with guys. But this one guy texts me almost everyday just saying Hey and What are you up to?