I want to date this girl but my friends keep trying to get her into bed...

There is a girl at work I am interested in and we flirt all the time. But then again, everyone at my work flirts with everyone so that's not a big thing in itself. However, the girl I want to date is very popular with the guys at work but none of them want to date her, they all just want to sleep with her and everyone flirts with her. I am not focused on sleeping with her, that's not my main goal. I want to date her. She's a good looking girl, she's sweet and a lot of fun and smart and stylish but I'm worried that my chances are slim because there are so many guys who want to seduce her.

Should I pursue this girl? I am aware of how good my friends are at getting girls into bed. They do it with ease...


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  • Pursue her.don't let other guys intimidate you


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  • You're the kind of guy she hopes is pursuing her. If you don't, she's left with the a**holes. The only thing these guys have that you don't, is the confidence to try.

  • You should pursue her. Don't worry about anyone else. Talk to her & see what she likes or wants to try and her out on a unique or personal date.


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