Best thing to text someone after getting their number..?

What's do you think is the best thing to text someone, as the first text you send them, once you've gotten their number.

Be as vague or specific as you like. Think something that'd encourage a conversation or a response at some point :P


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  • Try to reminds them where you met. Here's an example of what happened to me. (A little back story - I met this really cute chick at costco. She was a vendor for a beauty supply company. I started talking to her and got her number).

    Me: (I texted first) "Hey is this Caroline?"

    Caroline: Yes, who is this?

    Me: We met at the most romantic place in the entire world. Costco.

    Caroline: Jajajaja, hey hows it going?

    Then we texted back and forth for a while.

    Moral of the story; Don't be afraid to put yourself out there.


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  • I wouldn't normally just ask a girl for her number to begin with - I'd make up some excuse for getting it (like say there was something I was going to check or plan or whatever, and then get back to her). I'd also ask her what she had planned for the next day or two.

    That makes it pretty easy - I can start with what I already said I was going to call about, and then ask her how the other stuff went, etc.

    I'd find it a bit awkward just calling when I don't really have anything to say.

  • I don't text. I call.

    • Texting is perfectly fine. It takes some of the pressure of from the girls.

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    • I hardly ever call anyone, unless I have something specific to ask them. If I want a conversation, then I (personally) find texting easier

    • i have a hard time taking seriously the things people communicate through text. it just carries no sincerity.

  • Say something like hey and how are you today.Or how has your day been


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  • I don't care whether they text or call. personally, I like cheesy pick up lines, but not super inappropriate ones. hahaha I usually like those after we've known/talked with each other for a while. I'd be fine with 'how are you?'. :-)

  • hello? send something random I guess is usual what I would do to start an interesting convo

  • Just be like hey.thats leads to something