Should I stop waiting for him?

This one guy I met a couple days ago gave me his number. So we started texting and I was so tired from work so we said good night and he promised to text me tom which he did. :) then he had to leave and he said he'll text me later. But he never did. Then yesterday I texted him by accident and he said it was all right and said he'll text me later and he still hasn't. So does he want to talk to me? Should I stop waiting? Or am I just being inpatient.


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  • Eh let him come to you. If he wants to get in touch, he will. If not then no need to worry about it right? If he said he'd text later, let him. If you do too much chasing, it'll come off as desperate and he'll likely lose interest.

    • thank you for your help


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  • If you like him, call him.

    • ok I will. wish me luck! :)

  • Stop texting. Seriously. Dial his number and talk to him.

    And yes, you're being impatient.


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