Did I screw up by not talking to her and making things awkward?

I asked a girl out, and it took her awhile to decide, but eventually she got back. We ended up having to reschedule the date to a few weeks later. The date's still a week away, but I saw her a few days ago during class. This would basically be the first interaction since we set the date. Now here's the thing: we didn't talk to each other. The reason I didn't come up to her was because she was making a presentation that day and she was working on it, so I didn't want to be too "try-hard". I figured that if the opportunity arose, I'd talk to her; otherwise, I wouldn't. And the opportunity never came up, so basically we left without talking to one another.

Doesn't that make things awkward now? Now I fear that when I confirm the date, she'll cancel because she'll feel like she's not comfortable with me anymore because she'll think things are gonna be too different if she goes out on a date with me. I'm kicking myself right now, but then again, at the time, what could I do?


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  • Don't beat yourself up about it, but honestly if you see her again before the date, don't even look at whether or not she's busy. I have lots of guy friends saying similar things to me, but honestly at least in the beginnings, it's kind of expected that guys take the initiative and pull moves and such till something is established. As for the date, it'll only be awkward if you make it awkward. Approach it like you're just getting to know each other, so nothing's set in stone. Most importantly, don't hype yourself up.


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  • Well you should've said hello... anyway, you have a phone, you probably have her on Facebook. Message her somewhere and ask how she is worried and tell her that you didn't want to disturb her because of the presentation and then chat about something else. If you make a date with a girl, .yu also have to speak with her before the date.

  • you think too much. you need to calm down and take it easy, it's just a date. relax and be confident. just stop whining and go with the flow. if you're going to act like this with her on the date over analyzing everything then yes she will be turned off. girls like men who are confident and dominant and take charge, just be like 'i like you and wanna take you out for dinner', period.

    • I get you, but did I mess up by not talking to her?

    • who cares?! just look fwd to the date and impress her then

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