Girls do you expect your bf/guy you are dating to be fit?

Girls do you expect the guy you are dating to be physically fit (as in a decent amount of muscle, low body fat)? Even if you are not fit or in shape, do you expect him to be?


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  • I'm on the thin side, under 120lbs.

    I enjoy doing physical stuff outside.

    I would like a guy to go out and do things with me so if he just wants to sit on his duff I'm gonna be bored.

    I've met guys a little chubby who had some real get up and go in them though and I would consider dating one of these kinds.

    I need that tad bit of desire to get out and about instead of just sitting around.

    Also I eat A LOT, I mean I LOVE to cook, so a guy who eats as much as I do might get fat if he isn't doing something physical.


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  • Typically, I get to know the guy before I decide whether I would date him or not. But being fit doesn't hurt =) I consider myself pretty fit and an active person.

  • Expectations: abs no...healthy yes...

  • Sort of. Every boyfriend I've had but one has been either fit, or low body fat with lean muscle. To be honest I never did that on purpose or "expected" it. They were just guys I found very attractive, physically and personality, and they found me very attractive back. I'd prefer the guys I date to be fit, but I have dated outside that box before.

  • It's a huge plus!

    I'm very fit and in shape :) I work out every week because it makes me feel good and look good. Had I never worked in a gym, I probably never would have taken an interest in working out. If I wasn't in shape, I wouldn't expect him to be because that would be hypocritical. But to be totally honest, there is something incredibly sexy about a guy from behind and you can see the outline of his muscular, broad shoulders and arms. It's such a turn on! it can do wonders for attraction!

  • i don't expect him to be but tis preferable in most

    • are you fit then too?

  • It honestly just depends on the girl... Some look at body before heart but others look at what's on the inside first


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