Would you date a guy or girl with no confidence?

Would you be interested in dating someone who was very insecure and had no confidence in themselves? Why or why not? Do you consider yourself confident or insecure?

On a scale of one (very insecure) to 10 (super confident), what are you and what is the range of a person you'd date?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends on their level of insecurity. If they're so insecure that they can't go out or spend time in a group setting then no. Or if he asks me to order the food at a restaurant because he's too insecure... that would be pretty bad and I wouldn't be able to cope with that just because that would put pressure on me to make up for what he lacks in that area. I'm not the most confident person. I have plenty of insecurity issues but I don't appear that way in real life. Most people are somewhat shocked when I tell them how nervous I was when doing something or saying something. I'd probably rate myself as a 6. The person I'd date 4-10 I'd imagine. But it's very difficult to estimate because it all comes down to what behavior is associated with each number.


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What Guys Said 2

  • They need to have their life at least somewhat sorted out and on the right track, so whatever confidence it takes to do that is the lowest I would go.

  • No, I wouldn't.

    Because they would be too much work. They need a therapist or something, not a boyfriend.

    I'm reasonably confident, yeah.

    8 out of 10.

    I could do 5-9. A 10 might be too annoying, or possibly self-deluded.


What Girls Said 1

  • Nope, that alone is tideous but add on the puffed up ego sometimes to make up for their insecurities, it's disgusting. Then their bitterness and thinking you're nothing just because they can't see good. The way they talk would be fearful and negative.