Do guys want girls to call?

Do guys want girls to call or should we wait for them to wonder why we haven't? I didn't talk to my guy for about a week and said "If I don't contact you you have the ability to contact me" and he said " and you don't", does he want me to text/call him? When I did call/text him last week there was no answer (at work) and when I text he barely responded/didn't until like 11p. I don't show that much interest in him even though I am interested fyi. At the same time, he is a leo and the chase/attention is very important


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  • ugh, another girl that likes to complicate things. If you want to talk to him just call him dammit. why do you insist on playing these stupid games?

    • I'm not playing any games, just too considerate of his time, he works 60+ hrs a week plus has a 2 year old, and he fd up his phone on saturday and can't hear anything when he calls people

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  • i think guys just want the girl to call. if you feel like calling, just call. I used to play the "the guy has to call me" game. I later found out the guy I'm with now doesn't like that, so I call and text him whenever I feel like now. Within reason, of course. I'd only call once every couple of days max. Although I do text him randomly through out the week. he usually responds, if he doesn't, I figure he's probably busy. and besides, my text usually doesn't requires much of a response anyway. So I don't make a big deal out of it when he doesn't text back. Same with emails. I'd forward or send him something that doesn't require a response.