Is dating my good friend's sister wrong, and could she possibly like me?

I have had a huge crush on my friend's sister for the longest time, and finally want to ask her on a date. I think she likes me although its kind of confusing sometimes. She is more physical with me than I have noticed with other guys (hugs, jumped on my lap and hugged me once, kinda stuff like that). I asked her to prom, she said yes, and her brother was fine with it. But I value my friendship with my friend a lot, which has me conflicted.


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What Girls Said 1

  • It's not wrong, but you should definitely talk to your friend about it. If you are respectful and you ask his permission then he should be okay with it, but don't blame him if he doesn't want to hang around the two of you. It will definitely be weird for him.


What Guys Said 1

  • If you genuinely like her, let him know you're interested in her.

    You're not trying to play her or hook up with her. You want to date her. It may work out, probably at some point you'll break up, but as long as you are trying to have a normal decent relationship, no reason not to.