Does it seem unfair that parents give their daughter's boyfriend a hardtime when first meeting him?

But they never give their son's girlfriend a hard time when first meeting her? That seems like society shows girls more love and respect than boys.

Some parents are even over protective of their 20 something year old daughter dating... and of course if they gave the 20 something year old boyfriend a hardtime, he has a right to defed himself against her parents and tell them "your daughter is a grown woman, let her make her own decisions", no guy should let parents intimidate him. Guys if you have stood up to your girlfriends parents, then please tell me.

There's no such thing as a guy not being good enough to date a young woman. She's human just like he is.

I would love to hear a story about over protective mothers against their sons girlfriends.


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  • Men traditionally are meant to show independence and strength. The problem is for all the good feminism has done, it has a lost a generation of men that don't know where they belong anymore. I think there's still a similar level of virtues that are apparent. Nobody likes to see a weak man.

    So to answer your question, essentially it isn't fair, but it's right. It's not always right to be fair. Something that might trouble some to comprehend. Parents jobs are to ensure their offspring make a good life for themselves. Men and women have always had different roles or characteristics that are needed.

    Essentially equal rights will only bring balance so far because men and women are so different. They have different desires. You can see this in job professions. Women tend to take up teaching or other very nurturing, social jobs. Men tend to take more high risk jobs like a banker or a lawyer. Of course, there are always exceptions, but you get my point.

    So selecting a partner becomes different for both men and women. Men tend to seek out the partner. Essentially that man as sought out their daughter. They need to make sure he's acceptable. Their son has sought that girl, he must see something in her. Girls tend to be more vulnerable than guys, a truth feminists won't like.

    When you read the news about a war, you tend to hear about how many women and children have died. Nobody hears about how many men died. In mammalian nature, we seek to protect the women and children. It's the same for all mammals. Instinct never leaves us.


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  • that's not exactly true. while parents do usually question the boys more and give them a hard time to their face-the girls are judged behind their backs,i know because I've witnessed plenty of those cases,with my cousins and friends-they're nice to them and act like they love them,but behind their backs-a massacre occurs-''she's a slut'' ''so what,you're going to marry a christian? no way'' ''she's too skinny'' ''she has too many shoes'' '' she's just a gold digger'' ''she's so fat''

  • Do you dislike the person your child is dating? Would you like to prove once and for all that parents know best? VPEtalent is seeking concerned and dynamic parents who think their teen or 20something is dating the wrong person for a new docu-reality show for MTV's international channels. Contact with your story to apply.

  • If that's the case, it is unfair indeed. Though I've never noticed that happening anywhere.

  • Lots of women I knnow are treated like crap by their boyfriend's mother or mother-in-law. Some of them often second guess every decision the girl makes, run down her occupation, her style, her looks, her parenting, her cooking, her hobbies, etc. Some of them complain that they don't baby their son enough. Some of them actively go out of their way to make their her unhappy, etc.

    It's not a male/female thing. Not everything is, dude. Some people are just a**holes.

  • Parents are always gonna protect their girls.daughters are more vulnerable to being played and used.thank our society and dating culture for that.take your screen name for example, I'd assume a guy like you wouldn't treat my daughter with much respect. If you're not up to no good then it shouldn't bother u


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