Dating/ Flirting and guy problems!!!!

So I am a high school junior and I haven't had a boyfriend all throughout high school. I have finally found a guy I am interested in but there's a small problem he is a freshman but he is very mature. 1) is it wrong for me to date him? 2) how to I flirt with him without coming on too strong? 3) because I am older

Does this make it OK for me to ask him out or is that breaking traditions of guys asking out girls?

I really need advise please help me out.


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  • No, not wrong to date him. Be nice to him, don't talk down, freshman think they are going to get dumped on by upper class folk - true when I was in school, true for my nephew and his friend last year as freshman, some things don't change. You say he is mature, play to that when flirting. By being older, you are breaking high school tradition, so ask him out, if you want, something you both like. And if you wait for him, well, you might be in college. Remember when you were a freshman, there was so much going on, so many changes. Even he wants to ask you out, he just may be afraid to ask you out. Ideally, he'll have the balls to say Yes if you ask.

    Good luck :)


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  • Not wrong at all, you'll probably make his high school experience ten times more awesome than it'll probably be. He definitely won't have the balls to ask you out, so you may have to make all the moves here. The only good thing about making all the moves. Is you'll be able to groom him and teach him everything you like(personally and sexually). On the flirting note I'd say just invite him places where its just the two of you(your house, the movies, a park, somewhere anywhere), and when your comfortable enough start asking him questions like "have you ever kissed a girl? Have you ever did this or did that with a girl?" and once you see him getting excited make your move! Good Luck and Be Safe!


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  • You should forget the tradition of guys asking the girl out if you are going to go for a younger guy. It's not wrong for you to date him, but realize he may not be as mature as you think he is. This is his first year of high school and most of us go through a ton of physical and mental growth in those years; not true for some. Why don't you just talk to him? Be nice and you know just show him your best person. It's cool to drop a few hints here and there, but if you really like him just ask him out yourself, because a Freshmen most likely will not have the guts to ask a Junior out.