I'm not sure if she even wants to go out on the date?

I asked a girl out and we set a date and everything, but...she doesn't seem too excited about it. She's either been playing it extremely cool in person or she's lost interest because now she doesn't talk or even look at me anymore. She used to come up to me and bump me and touch me and stuff, but not since I asked her out. But the date's still on...I texted her the other day and it's gonna happen. Is there a point in still going on the date if she's not even excited? I mean...I don't want to "convince" or "force" someone to go out with me if they don't want to, I'm worth more than that.


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  • It could be anything.

    It could be something has upset her in her personal life. It could be she's really stressed about something.

    Or you could be right, she could have lost interest. After all, she's getting what she wants, maybe she enjoyed the chase.

    I'd still take her out. You gave her the opportunity to pull out by texting her and she said no, let's still go. That implies there is still some interest there. Take her out, show her a good time, and try not to let this 'not excited' issue upset you. Just smile, laugh, enjoy yourself, be yourself, be engaging, and it'll go great. Update us how the date went and we'll try and help further :)

    • yeah I texted her a couple days ago, mentioning the details of the plan, and when she replied, she said Hey! with the exclamation mark along with whatever else she said, so I don't know. I mean, of course she enjoyed the chase, but isn't the natural next step me asking her out? Isn't that what the chase is? Otherwise she'd be chasing me for a couple months then lose interest if I don't do anything about it.

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    • Could another explanation be that she just doesn't want to ruin the atmosphere for the date? I've been likewise playing it cool because I want to save our interaction for the date so that we don't get bored of each other, and there's more things to talk about, and so I don't overwhelm her before we even go out.

    • That's a very good idea :) No, because by being distant you'll enter into it feeling like you do and the atmosphere will be ruined before you even start the date. I don't think it is intentional.


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  • Did you text her to ask if the date was going to happen?

    • yeah, just a couple days ago and it's still on, despite her behavior.

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    • yeah, but again with this girl when I asked her out, there wasn't a specific time I gave. I said "Saturday afternoon". So I texted her with the specific time.

    • Next time be specific about time. You have a very tight schedule and you can only meet at a specific time..hint hint.

  • your thinking too much, she already agreed to go out with you, that means she interested in you

  • Well she's indirectly giving you hints that you should not pursue further. Granted she sounds a bit passive aggressive, it is actually a good thing if you think about it - you learn that she probably isn't interested in you, and she's passive aggressive (not a good personality trait). Better sooner than later so you can chase another girl.

    • but I just texted with her a day or two ago and she seems really up for the date. I don't get it.

    • as far as you can tell from text messages. It's still on, at the very least.