Going on a first date with a friend....any tips?

She's been playing it extremely cool since I've asked her out, which is creating doubts in my mind like maybe she just wanted the attention and now that I made a move, she's lost interest. But from all accounts, the date's still on. I've only been on one date my whole life. I'm a little nervous, but also relaxed and confident since I don't feel like I need her and I feel like it's me seeing if I like her rather than me trying to audition for her, which eases the pressure.


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  • You will be good man, I'm actually going through a similar situation right now. I have had many girlfriends, but for some reason I'm extremely nervous about this one because she would be the perfect girlfriend for me. Just be polite, if you meet her parents look them in the eyes and shake their hands firmly. You always want to have a good relationship with her parents, it will make life a hell of a lot easier if you start a relationship. Take her on the date, be yourself and hopefully it all works out.

    There is a chance that it will fall through, and she just isn't interested anymore. But don't sweat it too much, because life is an adventure. If she turns you down in the long run, don't beat yourself up about it. If you screwed up, big deal. It will just ensure you don't make that same mistake the second time.

    Rule number one about relationships and dating is that, there will always be another girl that catches your eye. If you fail once, you just have to pick yourself up and get back in the game.

    Best of luck to you, man. I'm going on my date tomorrow, and I'm stressing hard about it. Just act confident, be yourself and above all, have fun and be safe.


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  • remain confident and wear something that's helps you feel confident too. and take her to a place fun and familiar to you.


  • And that's how it should be, listen she likes you or else she wouldn't go... Be yourself relax, allow her to be herself also, don't judge and please don't correct her at least not all time...chill out your do fine .


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