How to tell if shy girl enjoyed the first date?

I just went on a first date with a shy girl. She was doing a good amount of talking, but overall she is shy. So I don't think she'll be making any moves to kiss, hold hands, or anything like that... anyway, she was doing a lot of the talking, after our dinner I mentioned ice cream sounds good as we walked past a sebastion joes... she then asked if I wanted to go. So she extended the date, or at least was good with extending it. Then we went home and said goodbye. We hugged and I said thanks for a good time and she thanked me also. I said have a goodnight and she said you too.

A couple things to note... she was laughing a good amount, but she never made any physical contact with me. Again, that could be because she is shy. Or maybe it's because she's not interested.

Anyway, does it sound like there will be a second date? And in general, what are some ways to tell when a shy girl is interested?

When should I call her to ask for the second date? This one is always tricky...
Well... I don't think there's gonna be a second date :( I called and she didn't answer. Why would she extend the date but then not want to go out for a second date? :/


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  • Well, shy girls as a general rule react more easily than act. You should make the moves, which might be awkward but it's really the only way to know. As far as if there will be a second date, it really depends on whether or not you ask for one. If she says yes, you need to make the moves to hand holding and stuff. If she's receptive to that (meaning she allows it) it's a good indication you should kiss her.

    I really think she had a good time. If she was able to talk a lot then she probably likes you and is getting comfortable with you. You should ask her for another date.

    • Not answering doesn't mean she doesn't have an interest, dude. Just call her again.


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  • She could simply be waiting for you to make the move for physical contact or she doesn't want to rush physical contact. I would definitely ask her on a second date. Sounds like she had fun, enjoyed your company and laughed at your jokes. All good signs.

  • I think she likes it


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  • I think she enjoyed herself. She was comfortable to the point where she was talkative, laughing and extended the time of the date.

  • If she agrees to a second date, she probably enjoyed the first.

    • re:update

      Now don't turn into a girl - just because she hasn't answered doesn't mean she's not interested. That is the sort of conclusion a girl leaps to, when a guy hasn't answered a text within 30 seconds.

      You've never heard of a missed call?

      Give the girl the benefit of the doubt.

    • Dude... girls that don't answer the call after the first date are not interested. It's not some random call. It was the important call. She didn't answer. And still hasn't responded to the voice mail. Game over.