17 years old and desperate for a boyfriend!?

At this point I feel so damn lonely.. I have never been on a date and never even kissed a guy! its so sad! and I'm a SENIOR in high school..it kills. and you know what else..guys in my school say in HOT and SEXY all the time since I have an exotic look...my face not the clothes I wear. I'm... Show More

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  • Why don't you ask a guy out? Why is it a girl never asks guys out, there are guys out there who are shy too, and you should be the one to break the ice if no guy has yet. Remember to start as just friends. Go the movies, out to eat, to the high school games( football, volleyball, etc) get to know the guy and let him get to know you. Be honest and sincere about what you want in a relationship when you both start talking about it. You both have a right to what you want, but you both also have a right to what you don't want. Kissing, no kissing, intimacy, no intimacy, and even sex or no sex. Put out the ground rules and just be friends above all else. Do not try to rush into a relationship, and do not allow anyone to dictate how to have your relationship. If he tries to get into your pants for example and you say no, call it off. If he wants to see other girls then look for someone else. But take it easy girl you have a lot of time and a lot guys out there to choose from. Do not try to get hitched too fast. Besides there is always college. lol

    • im not saying I'm friend with any of them. I'm not talking about guy friends to begin with just guys overall there is no "rushing" since I don't know most of these just personally...and the ones that I do are either taken, younger than me, or just not interested. I barely have any guy friends and making guy friends inst easy or me..i have like one but I'm not interested in him sexually