How much should you text, Facebook message, or any form of non-in-person talk to someone you like

If there is a girl that you like and you think there is a slight chance the feeling could be mutual, how much should you talk to them outside of personal contact? In other words, how do you keep the interest level rising while keeping the creeper/stalker level down.

I have a situation like this, texted this girl everyother day this week, conversations would last between 1-3 hours(depending on what time I texted her) and would usually end between 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. She is on Facebook quite a bit but I have only messaged her on that once because I don't want to come off as a creep. She tells me that I am fun to text, jokes around with calling me a nerd, geek, weirdo, and creep(she is joking, asked her about it once).


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  • I'd start winding down the texting and see if she's interested in face-to-face contact. She might be just a creeperherself...someone who'd never spend time with you in real life, but is an addict of message boards and the like.


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  • Personally, I'd say texting is better than a fb msg, as she can get back to you faster than she would on a fb msg. There is nothing wrong in texting her all the time, as long as she's keeping the conversation going aswell. A person should only do 50% of the work. So if you're doing all the talking, then you may want to slow down a little to their level. and you won't come off as a creep :)

    (Do talk to them lots in person too, face to face communication is best)

    best of luck


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  • I've known Facebook to be the destroyer of relationships so I would avoid that all together. Texting isn't so bad because it's that much more personal, but nothing beats that face time man.