Text flirting: How much is too much?

How persistent should I be? I got her number yesterday and had a long texting conversation that night. I texted her again tonight but I want to know if I should back off a little bit because I'm not sure if she knows I'm interested in her yet or if I just want to talk. I texted her today again because a friend urged me to, but I'm not going to lie, I feel like I'm going to swarm her with messages and come on too strong.

Okay, so on the third day she texted me first and initiated the conversation. Good sign?


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  • Texting like you are isn't bad at all fir the first couple of days. You're establishing common interests, feelings, etc. However, be sure to GIVE HER TIME TO MISS YOU! When the conversation begins to maybe get a little bit stagnant, hold off texting for a day or so. It shows you have a life outside of texting and (hopefully) allow her time to miss talking to you.

    I'm in the same boat. I got a number from a girl at school last week. We texted for a couple of days, then I didn't for just a half a day before she initiated the conversation. I understand I'm making some sweeping generalizations, but from my experience it seems to work. Let her miss you! Don't overwhelm her.


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  • Don't fret about it. Texting her every day, all day, can be annoying at times but not all the time. So I would recommend to chill out on the texting for a few hours... Hope I helped.


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  • You can talk to her every now and then, but not too much or you may come on too strong.