Is it weird my boyfriend doesn't want to text continually all day?

He's really busy and I'm really busy.. but I don't think it's hard to hold a conversation over text message throughout the day. He got kind of mad at me the other day because I was asking a lot of q's through txt. He even called me needy! I went from seeing him a bunch, to barely even speaking to him. I wasn't trying to be that annoying, but he was like.. really annoyed and said he would not text me continually all day. Is that weird he doesn't want to text me a lot since he IS my bf?

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  • He is pulling back.. All guys do it (oh yes you do don't pretend you don't) because they are either unsure of you or unsure if they want a committment. They also pull back because of other things like family or work issues..

    Men need to "process" where women need to talk... you have to give him time to do this

    Stop texting him.. Period.. let him text you... if you try to force him to talk he will only pull back harder until eventually he rins away

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      This is terrible advice lol.

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      Not really... but hey you kn ow what do your thing sweetie.. let me know how it works out for you