Best first date experience?

What was your best first date experience? Use details please trying to get a few ideas here


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  • My first best date experience? It was with my now-husband. I accidentally invited him over to play some board games with my friends but I forgot to take my phone off of silent from work. He texted me that he wanted to come, and got all ready and then I didn't hear my phone, so I thought he just didn't get my message. Well, at one am, I was getting ready for bed and I noticed that he messaged me, and I felt horrible. I sent him a message, and asked if he wanted to grab some food or what not and he said he wanted to take me to dinner the next night. I agreed. He took me to my favorite sushi restaurant, let me order anything I wanted (I had fully expected to pay for my share of the meal), and he wouldn't let me pay anything. He was such a gentleman! He held open doors, pulled our chairs, and was so sweet. We talked about everything: me, my life, him, his life, some of our favorite memories, travels, etc. It was the best first date that I've ever been on. Obviously something happened on that date for us to get married, huh? He's my best friend, and we're very happy!

    Good Luck on your first date!


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  • we went for coffee and a walk it wasn't anything crazy there was just a good connection usually first dates with new people can be awkward, you don't know what to talk about and sometimes you just want to leave but we had a good and interesting conversation we were both very engaged and it was just..good.


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  • How about a picnic.Or a stroll around downtown.Or a dinner at a nice restaurant