Guys...when you're stressed how do you act?

Bf of 2 years almost always comes to bed and cuddles immediately. He has had cold so didn't want to. For the past week even since he felt better he won't cuddle. Will lay with his.back to me and won't touch. Granted we had awesome sex Sunday night but I'm wondering what I did wrong for him not touch me? I said to him this morning "what you don't like laying near me in bed anymore?" He says "what! You have an issue with that because I want to lay this way! you're ridiculous!" What do I do?


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  • I doubt that you did anything wrong, but I do think something is going on.

    I think you can have a convesation with him (or try) and explain to him that normally he cuddles you, and lately he hasn't and you just want to understand why. Tell him your aren't stupid and you have seen a change. Tell him you enjoy cuddling and miss it. You aren't trying to play games, you just wish to know where you stand.

    You may need to preface this with something like "I need to ask you a question, I don't want you to get upset, I am not picking on you, but something is bothering me." Hopefully he will take a breath and listen to you.

    • Your second paragraph about having the conversation...I asked him all this this morning when he came to bed. And he got all pissed off. Granted I don't sugar coat things with him, so I just flat out asked him "what you don't like laying near me in bed anymore".

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    • There is no other way for me to ask him. I am a very straight forward person and I don't hide behind anything. I'll just give the same treatment back to him for alooong time.

    • Another thing...even if he doesn't want to cuddle in bed any more, then to be honest...we don't touch ANY other time so there is no relationship is ther


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  • Don't pay much attention to it. He was probably just tired. If this sort of thing becomes a trend for the next week or 2 then he may have an issue he isn't telling you about.

    • Its been a week so far. He started flipping out on me.

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    • Sadly, in that case neither do I. Not to mention there is a 10-15 year gap between your Boyfriend and myself (assuming he is within your age range) so it's entirely likely I can't see the full picture due to lack of life experience. I do hope things work out for you and the only hopefully helpful advice I can leave you with is just to be there for him. Let him sort out his frustrations in his own way, but remain at his side. Make it clear that he has a strong crutch to lean on should he need it.

    • That being said, your feelings matter too; so be tolerant but not a saint. If he doesn't get his act together soon enough consider making a change in your life. There are plenty of guys out there with the desire to find a great woman and to please her in every way.

  • You're overreacting and creating drama. Your insecurity is annoying him and escalating things. stop being so ridiculous.

    • LOL. This sh*t with him all of a sudden not wanting to be near me in bed when for almost 2 years he was always laying with me. So his flipping out and getting pissed is no big deal. Its not being ridiculous...its very obvious when we ALWAYS lay together now we dont. He wants to cut me off then fine, but he doesn't want to expect to touch me at all. He will even lay facing me but not touch me at all. WE were always wrapped in arms all night and then this week it stopped.

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    • Your crazy... You don't listen either...

    • whats crazy about that?

  • clearly it seems like something is really bothering him. Try to get him to tell you what's wrong. Try to cuddle up to him and see what he does then

    • Once I am cut off...I am not interested in anything with the other person for a long time.

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  • Maybe going through something that has nothing to do with you. give him some space stop asking what you did wrong. and see if it passes

    • I didn't ask him what I did wrong. And how do you suggest giving him some space?

    • When I say space I don't mean to leave or anything. just let him be if he doesn't want to lay with you or touch you right now don't question it just leave it be and he will come around. just act normal just tired or in a bad mood.

    • Well I can tell you this little game he is playing...he will get it back. I'm not into an on again off again touch you when I want to relationship.