Guys...when you're stressed how do you act?

Bf of 2 years almost always comes to bed and cuddles immediately. He has had cold so didn't want to. For the past week even since he felt better he won't cuddle. Will lay with his.back to me and won't touch. Granted we had awesome sex Sunday night but I'm wondering what I did wrong for him not touch me? I said to him this morning "what you don't like laying near me in bed anymore?" He says "what! You have an issue with that because I want to lay this way! you're ridiculous!" What do I do?

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  • I doubt that you did anything wrong, but I do think something is going on.

    I think you can have a convesation with him (or try) and explain to him that normally he cuddles you, and lately he hasn't and you just want to understand why. Tell him your aren't stupid and you have seen a change. Tell him you enjoy cuddling and miss it. You aren't trying to play games, you just wish to know where you stand.

    You may need to preface this with something like "I need to ask you a question, I don't want you to get upset, I am not picking on you, but something is bothering me." Hopefully he will take a breath and listen to you.

    • Your second paragraph about having the conversation...I asked him all this this morning when he came to bed. And he got all pissed off. Granted I don't sugar coat things with him, so I just flat out asked him "what you don't like laying near me in bed anymore".

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    • There is no other way for me to ask him. I am a very straight forward person and I don't hide behind anything. I'll just give the same treatment back to him for alooong time.

    • Another thing...even if he doesn't want to cuddle in bed any more, then to be honest...we don't touch ANY other time so there is no relationship is ther