Guys: If a girl texts you and you don't respond, should she text you again?

Simple question. Should she text you again or does it seem too clingy?

There's this guy I've been talking to, he's really nice but we lost contact two months ago. Yesterday I felt like sending him a message wondering how he was doing. He hasn't responded yet which is strange because he usually responds immediately.

My friend told me I should text him again through Facebook but I think it will sound really clingy...

What are your opinions on this?


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  • dont text again...

    reason being is that most guys are not the sensitive type, that will ignore a girl if they are in a mood with her. if they haven't responded its probably a case that they are doing sport, working or sleeping! or there may be another mitigating circumstance.

    a second message is OK, if concerned. but to keep doing it can sometimes annoy a guy and give the impression of too clingy, and the guy may feel he has to counterbalance this by chatting to other girls...

    (we are a strange species! sorry!)


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  • text / message but don't smother him, explain your self why you lost leave it up to fate :-)

  • Maybe he's just on vacation or busy, or just take a break from Facebook or a while... Be patient, I thought after 5 or 6 days then yeah, you should text him again, but wait for now. :)

  • give it a little more time. sorry to say but if he doesn't respond to the first one, he probably doesn't want to talk to you.


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