Can you recover from an awkward first date?

I've known her for a couple years, but we finally went on a date. It was a bit awkward because it was the first time we were doing something one-on-one. When we were in a group of people, it was easy for us to flirt; but one-on-one, we were more reserved and less flirty. Anyway, is there a point in pursuing this? I've heard some people get LTR after having awkward first dates just because they got more comfortable the following dates, but if she's just not feeling it, I want to preserve my dignity and not say anything.


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  • Sure you can! Ask for a do-over and take her to a festival or museum, somewhere you have plenty to talk about without having to force conversation. If it happens naturally from there, you know the opening fizzle was just nerves.


What Guys Said 1

  • I have once. But it was effort on the girl's part that made the recovery posible. It was also her conversation that made the first date awkward. Smart woman.

    • what was the conversation like?