Is 5 years in age difference too much?

Okay first of, its been a little under a year since the last time I got on this site but I had a few questions lately that I wanted answers too.. and remembered this site.

but to my question, I have been seeing this guy off and on now, for 7-8 months. He is 22. Me being seventeen, a lot of people really do not like the idea of us being together,

I know I have very strong feelings for this guy, and we have been through enough for me to know, that its going to take a lot for these feelings to change.

Is it really all that bad? I feel that I'm old enough to make my own decisions on who to date, and who to like.


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  • you're young. when you're that young, the feelings of liking someone are ten times stronger when you're older and know EXACTLY what you want in another person in terms of what you want for the future. I fell in love when I was 16, and it was head over heels. I'm 27 now, and the way I go into a relationship is a lot more practical than back then, but nothing will be as pure as the love I felt for my first love. (not saying this guys your "first love").

    what concerns me is you say it's "off and on". If it's off and on, then I say forget it. He's definitely not pining over you at home when the relationship is "off". trust me. Just be single and free and live your life, you're so young, enjoy it.

    • Yeah I understand where you are coming from but a lot of the off and on was my part,

      i mean not all of it,

      but a really good amount of it,

      a lot stress and ex's of mine kinda played a part of it.

      if that makes any sense.


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  • No, not by a long shot. Enjoy yourself for what you each contribute to one another.

    The only advice from me: don't lose yourself in the relationship. Stay focused on developing and creating your life.


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  • ok well in the state of alaska when you hit 16 you were legaly able to date if you have feelings for the guy go for it...its a little bit of difference but I don't know how mature you are so just go into it as an adult because he is...Just make sure he has feelings for you and not just in it for careful and at the same time if he makes you happy have fun...I am not one to talk me and my boyfriend have a 24 year differnce lol I am happy and completely in love and he loves do what makes you happy...Just make sure that the people who are not happy with it understand that you respect their opinion but you are happy and just remember that people are just concerned

  • I don't think that it is appropriate for a 22 year old to date a 17 year old. This is not a good thing, you are not even out of high school? There is so much that has goes on in life between the ages of 17-22. Not only that but he can go out and drink, you cannot drink and can't go to the same functions. Right now, no this is not appropriate.

    • This is pretty much the leachture I get from everyone that finds out,

      Im a senior in high school, and will be graduating in may,

      Im working a full time job,

      and I am paying for every thing on my own (cellphone, truck payments, insurance, medical)

      I feel that although I'm younger, I'm a lot farther ahead then the typical seventeen year old.

    • I was working at the age of 16 and doing my own thing as well. I would still say that I was not ready to date someone at the age of 22 (when I was 17). I really don't see what a 22 year old young man has in common with a 17 year old.

  • I like and kinda have a thing with a guy who is 22 and I just turned 18. If you both care about each other and are happy then who cares what other people think :)

  • In the long run 5 years in age difference isn't that much. For your is age is. I don't condemn or condone it.