He hasn't talked to me after our first date and he was giving signals like he liked me. Help?

Okay so I went to a haunted house for my first date with this guy and he held my had for a bit and we were laughing and having a great time. He even invited me to go to the movies with him after with his friends but it was a guy night thing so I couldn't. He hasn't texted me since unless I initiate it and even the conversations are short. I am not sure what it wrong. It's only been a few days since the date but still I thought that he would have talked to me by now. Any ideas?


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  • Who knows... but I always find it interesting that when a guy asks a girl to do something more (not talking about sex) and she says "no" that she is surprised when he interprets that as "oh... she isn't into me." Maybe that isn't it, but it usually is.

    • I didn't say no though he said that it was a guy night so he just took me home

    • who knows then... Perhaps he just felt the two of you weren't right. I am sorry.

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  • i think you should give him some space it was one date you are being overbearing. if he likes you he will contact you. one date is nothing he could just not be into you