Short guys finish last?

I know a lot of girls wouldn't date a short guy based on his height alone. There have even been other questions on here and like 90% of the girls said they couldn't date a short guy. I've never seen a girl with a guy shorter than her. Maybe an ugly guy or a fat guy because of their "personality." But never a short guy.

Yea, nice guys finish last right? But they can change. As for short people, that can't change :/

I just want to know why, and your thoughts on this :)


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  • My ex boyfriend was like two inches shorter than me and I'm 5'6". It really didn't bug me and it didn't bug him either. I liked him for his personality of course, and the way he treated me. He wasn't an ugly guy either to be honest haha. Before I was with him, yeah I never saw myself dating a shorter guy but then he came along. I still do prefer taller guys but personally, I'm a lot more open now.


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  • I'm 5'3. I would date a short guy, but not one who is shorter than me. I would definitely never date a guy who was skinnier than me. I did that twice and both times I felt bulky and awkward, and I'm not even big.

  • As a girl that is 5'7 I DO tend to like my guys taller...Cuz I'm kinda freakin tall myself! Lol

    I hate to hurt all of the short guys feelings but that's just the way it is. Sorry.

  • Nah, speaking from personal experience I wouldn't say this is true. I've dated really tall guys (like 6'6") and really short guys (like 5'3") and tbh it doesn't make much of a difference. In fact I kind of like being with short guys more... I can see eye-to-eye with them more easily, being short myself!

    • Okay, and how about guys shorter than you?

    • I've never dated a guy significantly shorter than me, but I still don't think it would make a difference. Seriously, even if you're like a dwarf, there's a lot more to attracting women than height.

    • I'm a garden gnome :D

  • Hmmmm... I really attracted to short men. I admit I am rather a very tall young lady but hey! Give the short men some lovin'~. Since short men seem to be cute. I remember this guy who was shorter than me in high school. Sweet, nice, smart and rather not good in sports. But all I wanted to do was hug him and maybe go on a date just once. :3

  • I'm a short girl (5'1) and I have a crush on a short guy (5'3), not just because I prefer shorter guys over very tall guys, but because of his awesome personality, smile and his genuine kindness with everyone around him.
    You can't change your height no, but you can accept and make the best of it. You said that girls will pick specific guys who aren't as attractive physically because of their personality, so you can do the same. Be confident and outgoing, because it's no fun being around a person who is always bringing themselves down, right! Short guys don't finish last; they just have to find the right race to win.

  • It's true tbh I want a taller guy than me, but I want him to be tall too say between 5'8-6'2 hope that helps

  • I think height is irrelevant. I've dated men shorter than me. My mom is 4 inches taller than my dad, neither have ever cared (well, my dad says he likes long legs, lol).

    I think dismissing someone because of something silly like height is sad.


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  • I'll shoot you straight bro. You are totally right. Girls don't date guys shorter than them. I am 5'11" and I hear girls shorter than me always saying they want a guy 6 and a half feet tall and attractive. if a guy doesn't meet those standards they won't talk to them. These are my casual girl friends. Us guys get a bad rap for being shallow but women are just as bad. Don't let them kid ya.

    • Lol why did every guy's opinion get a thumbs down?

    • Hahaha I have no idea :P

  • A lot of girls prefer tall guys, I personally wouldn't like dating a girl taller than me. But height isn't eveything. there are plenty of short girls lol, well at least from where I stand...

  • This is utter bollocks.

    When it comes to skill with girls some of the best guys I know have been short.

    Bare in mind that girls tend to be pretty short too. In fact a lot more of the hot ones tend to be short than tall- which sucks for me being canny tall, I would look daft with them.

  • its definitely harder for a short guy

  • I don't like it either. I was once turned down by a girl who was shorter than me (even with heels on) for being too short ( I'm 5'7 and she's probably 5'2. She want her men 6'0). I won't lie cause it hurt. Girls my height don't want me. Shorter girls don't want me and taller girls don't want me. It is unfortunate, but these are the cards we've been dealt.

  • I think your self-pitying lack of confidence makes you see things which don't exist.

    Most of the questions here put forward by short guys like you, have not had 90% of girls saying No, I would never date a short guy.

    Not even close to 90%.

    But you're so messed in the head, you can't objectively see reality any more.

    Someone who can't tell reality anymore, probably needs therapy.

    • Oh, TONS of therapy :)