He's coming home, should we kiss?

Should I run into his arms and kiss him like crazy or just be casual? I Haven't been with him for long and he's been away at school since August. We've never been intimate with each other and I don't want it to be weird.


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  • go ahead and do it , nothing expresses your love for him more than being crazy at expressing it !


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  • Did you connect with him since August? But in my opinion if you are not sure what should you do, just be casual. I know, guys like exciting moves but if he really likes you. You can find another way to get excited him. Firstly you have to be sure that is he really want you, otherwise you can be weird. Also we don't know may be he will run into you and kiss you. Just wait, you are a girl and girls always are precious.

    Ps. Sorry my bad language.