How long should I wait before texting him?

I started talking to this guy. We were just doing small talk. He gave me his number. He said "can I give you my number" and I gave him my phone and he put his number in. But he doesn't have mine. I hate being in this situation. How long should I wait to text him?

Btw when he first talking to me he kept asking me questions

Then after I got his number we talked a little more, but then it got a little quiet lol


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  • Give it a day, I'd like to hear from a girl I had given my number to after a day so I knew she was interested. Then after that, if he responds then tell him, whether you are or not, that you have a hectic few days up (if its feasible given what you've currently told him) then wait a couple days and then text him again. If you can, try and be fairly subtle about telling him that you will be busy.


What Girls Said 1

  • He probably ran out of questions. Wait a day or two to build anticipation Then find something he's really into and fire up a conversation about it. A lot of guys like when a girl is into what they like but if your not really interested in it dnt fake it. He will see right through it. Good luck! ;)