Me and my ex boyfriend broke up on good terms.

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up on good terms. We talked only twice since the break up, it's been two weeks. I saw him today and my heart sunk and I put my head down... I'm not sure if he saw me, but I'm afraid that if he really does see me... will he just keep on walking and ignore me. I don't want to text him or call him. We never "loved" each other, we just liked each other, so we decided to stay friends which is okay with me. Deep down, I still have a crush on him but I'm okay with not being with him. I wouldn't want someone to be with me for pity anyway. My question is, why don't guys text first? I would like to talk to him, see what's up... but I feel like he doesn't want to bother with me since he hasn't made a effort to text me.


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  • I'm never friends with my ex's. Perhaps he's the same way?

    • I don't know. We never had a fight or anything, we just broke up because he didn't really make time for me and because he kind of lost interest.

    • Then that would explain why he's not making an effort to contact you. It's very strange because you're a good-looking girl. There'll be plenty more guys in the near future so just forget about him!


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  • Guys can't really be friends with an ex, it's like we can only pretend & put on an act for so long that we just can't do it anymore. I don't know I guess it's just like once you have sex you can never really go back to way things were after that moment. Honestly just text him first, I'm sure he'd reply.

    • He texted me the day after we broke up, and then I texted him two days later. Our conversations are pretty casual.

    • Well that's cool just strike up a conversation of getting back together?

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  • if you want to be friends ask him if he would be okay with that. if you broke up on good terms then it should be okay. =)