Is it OK to text everyday

Theres a girl I like and I'm pretty sure she likes me back. is it OK to text/call here every day we talked on the phone for 2 hours yesterday and she seemed happy and excited the whole time so I think she enjoys talking to me


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  • I don't care how "busy" your life is - there's nothing wrong with a simple "Hi, how's your day going?" text everyday... if you really like a person, daily contact is a good thing. I'm so sick of these people (particularly women) who think that calling someone everyday is an indicator of being desperate or having no life... I understand a 3 hour conversation is excessive, but checking in for a few minutes a day isn't unreasonable.

    Life is too short to be playing these bullsh*t games about being "too available."


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  • Yes! If she seems into it keep it up! I love it when a guy cares enough to talk to me everyday. It shows you are thinking about her! If she's like most girls of this generation she will love the attention and texting is part of everyday life. Don't get freaked out if she doesn't respond though, if she doesn't don't send "hello?" "ya there?" that makes you look bad just be genuine and know that she has a life, and she will probably love it!

    <3 Good luck!

  • No. That's being desperate and called having no life


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  • If you have something to say. Go ahead.