When messaging a girl on a online dating site, is it okay to tell her "I would like to get to know you more?"

This is when we are barely messaging each other for the first time and she responds, reciprocates, we get to know a little about ourselves first, like about our hobbies, interests, what we do in our free-time, and I say that I would like to get to know you more as a way of exchanging phone numbers, is that a wrong, negative, bad approach to this? and also, I'm still confused as to when is the right time to ask her out on a date, because I don't want to ask her out too soon because I don't want to make myself look or sound too available, desperate, needy, clingy, and if I ask her out too late I could get friend-zoned.

well that bitch lead me on, changed her mind about me, so angry and pissed off at her


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  • wish I knew


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  • Yes it is OK. That's why it is an online dating site

  • I would continue talking to her for a while so you both are more comfortable with each other. The next step I would probably take then, is Skype. It's safer, and it'll be like meeting in person kinda! you will talk face to face so you'll be even more comfortable! cause giving out phone numbers is kinda serious I think, so Skype a few times and maybe that will lead to phone numbers. THEN maybe a date. don't rush it because you are right, it might scare her off and you'll get friend zoned!


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  • isnt this why your on the online dating site? best part about it is if you do ask, and she isn't interested, nothing is lost.

  • That's so cliche, why not just ask her about stuff on her profile.

    • i've done that a lot and no responses