Girls would loose skin on a guy keep you from dating him?

I'm an 18 year old male standing 6'1". I was previously obese weighing about 265 pounds, but I now weight 160: however, my skin has suffered from carrying the weight so long. It's completely unnoticeable clothed and, even with my shirt off, it's not that bad unless I lean over. Being completely honest would you turn down a guy like me with this situation?


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  • Doesn't bother me at all. I actually see it as something to be proud of. My boyfriend used to be heavy and lost a lot of weight. He has some loose skin and stretch marks. I really don't care. My body isn't perfect either, who am I to judge?


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  • Absolutely not! I myself am in the process of losing weight, and I'm pretty sure I'm potentially gonna have some sagging skin. I wouldn't turn down a guy for that, I'm not that low or shallow. :)

    • Good luck on your weight loss journey! I would love to help you out on that if you have any questions. Dieting and nutrition is something I've gotten really into the past year.

    • Thank you! I appreciate that :)

  • no I can't resist a tall guy!

    so your height makes up for it

    im shallow only in important areas for me though such as height,teeth,and hair

  • No, personally I wouldn't mind. You might want to try using some firming lotion. It does help with minor sagging, as well as coffee grounds as an exfoliator in the shower. They infuse caffeine into your skin which helps firm it up.


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