Ugh why do I worry about her

So my boyfriend and I have been dating going on 3 years ... I still worry bout his ex & I don't know why... They dated in high school & he never sees her or talks to her so why am I worrying ?


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  • Your own insecurities and trust issues.

    Don't let it get to you. Just remember that he's happily been with YOU for 3 years now, that's all that should matter.


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  • youu have trust issues.

    • I know &it drives me nuts! How do I get over it I've even brought her up to him and he said he never loved her... He never loved anyone like he does me...

    • it sounds like he really loves you! don't worry about his ex because he's going to think your jealous of her.

  • She's an ex for a reason. There's a reason he's with you not her he see's something in you that he never saw in her and besides high school relationships never last.