I want to stop feeling stuck on this girl

There's a girl I really liked, took her out on a date, and let's just say that the date was very bland and I didn't spark any attraction in her. I would've been cool going out again, but I wasn't feeling it from her end. I didn't escalate at all and by the end of it I felt like I went backward with her.

The problem is that I liked her for a long time without doing anything (mainly because she had a boyfriend most of the time). So letting go of her is hard. It's easy when she's not around since I have so much stuff to do, but I see her around once a week because of class, so it's hard to stop looking at her and whenever I look at her, thoughts trigger in my mind and I just waste so much mental energy thinking about someone who's indifferent to me (we just ignore each other now).

This is highly unproductive. I want to be unstuck of this girl. There's very few other girls in the class and half of them are friends with her and stay around her, so talking to more girls in class won't help.


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  • You said you see her once a week. What about other classes? Girls in those ones? You have to get out and talk to girls. Maybe even hit the gym, do some weight and cardio. That stuff releases endorphins and help you feel good. Most of all you need time. I've been in almost EXACTLY the same position. Feel free to ask questions of you need to man. :)

    • I do exercise, but that's just temporary feel-good stuff. I just have one class, I'm just working the rest of the time so I see the same girls over and over there, too.

    • Are you close with the girls you work with? Ask them to chill or something? Do you have any spare time to do other stuff: go to the movies, chill with your male friends too and like I said: it takes time. It took me 10 months to get over the girl I liked. I didn't even date her, but I left asking her out too long and my feelings got stronger and stronger over that time and it just made me take the rejection harder. You might just need time. I know it's not the answer you want right now...

    • It will help a lot though.


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  • Ignore her, don't make eye contact she would get the point.

    • yeah, that's what we've been doing. One problem with it: in the hall, it was just us two walking today so I couldn't blatantly ignore her (it would show her that she has too much power over me) so we just said hey and have a good weekend. Hopefully that's ok.

    • Yeah that's fine talk to her - but only when its necessary so she gets the hint you're not interested anymore. Or better flirt with other girls so she knows 'she hold no power over you'.

  • Try to see her even less and be too busy to think about her.. And try to list things you don't like about her lol I think that works. Good luck! ;)

    • I see her in class once a week so I can't help that.

    • :(

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  • i wish I had easy advice for you. I think it is just going to have to take time... I am not sure what else you do. Just stay focused in that class on the prof and take care of your business. THere is nothing else you can do.

    Sorry it didn't work out for you, but well done for asking her out in the first place... it seems a lot of guys don't even have the guts to do that.

  • Just wait till next quarter when you may or may not see her or you can just man up and move on :)