My girlfriend gave gifts to her exes when they dated, but to me she hasn't given me anything...Tips?

My girlfriend talks about how she bought baseball hats/caps and clothes and many stuff for her exes, but to me she never gives me anything, she's never given me a single thing. Is there any thing wrong with this. Tips


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  • That is kind of what happens with my boyfriend. I always like to give gifts and things, but my boyfriend would rather me not. He doesn't want to celebrate Valentines day or buy Christmas presents for each other, even though we have been together for 2 years.

    I think you need to sit down and talk with your girlfriend. Let her know how it would make you feel to receive gifts or just tokens of affection. It doesn't have to cost money, but just something to show she cares.

    I feel that in my bf's case, it's because he did all that romantic stuff with other girls and now he's just given up or is just not as excited now. It makes me feel bad because I feel like he should be excited to be with me since I am a really nice person and treat him really well. I think we both need to speak up! haha


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  • Have you given her anything? How do you treat her? Answer these then I could most likely give you tips! Then if you don't mind... After I help you; can you help me to what I do?

    • I always give her stuff and buy her stuff, like I've given her two gucci bags at $1200 each and one mk at 300, among many more stuff, but she never gaven me even one thing, but she f***en tells me all this sh*t she gave her exes

    • It sounds like she's not really worth it... she most likely is trying to use you to get one of her exes back (possibly). Hope this helps since that does sound like what she is doing!

  • maybe she's bored and tired of giving presents in all her relationships and want to be the one to receive before she give this time

    • she does receive I give her flowers, large human size stuffed animals, hand bags and many more stuff

    • wow ...idk ask her then only option

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  • I don't know my friend, I think you should rethink your relationship with this girl. Those are some very expensive gifts.