If you're texting someone you like do you reply right away?

Because with me, when I'm just normally texting people I rarely text back. My replies are hours apart because my phone's sh*tty and pressing that damn tiny touch screen is a pain.

But when I like you, idgaf and I check my phone as soon as it rings and text back right away every time.

So for me, it's telling when a guy I'm texting takes a while to response. Like that's my red flag sign almost, like if someone likes you they reply right away and when they don't...well -- then they don't. And I also found that guys that have been interested in me in the past also reply really fast.

I was just wondering if that assumption's even accurate? Do you guys reply asap when you're texting the person you're interested in?

Because I'm kinda just swimming in disappointment right now since I'm texting these guys that I like and they always take f*ckin forever haha


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  • I have to work and often do not even pay attention to the phone. I know some girls think we are just sitting waiting for your text. sorry girl not me. but when I have time and get to my phone. yeah love to see a message to know you care but more likely if I like you, I will call you. want to hear your sweet voice. not as interested in your typing. talk dirty to me and you have my attention.


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  • eh, it's just the girls that I don't like I hardly text back.


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  • I have experienced that when I like a guy he usually ignores my texts. I don't know why. When I point it out to them , then they tend to improve, but it might be themselves playing hard to get or something. I don't know. I hate being ignored. It really bugs me haha...usually my mates that I do not like like that, they reply right away, because there are no games, but when it's a guy that I like he ignores me :( these guys are in their early 20s too, you would expect them to be more mature...oh well, that's life I guess, always confusing!