Now what?!! I don't want to waste my time on someone who wants no more than just a booty call or a girl homey to kick it with.

I have been dating this guy for about a month. He seemed very much into me and then last week he started to back up. I began to assume that he was messing around, but I didn't say anything because we have not established a relationship and I had no evidence. Then a guy friend of mine told me I should just ask him the question, "what is he looking for?" He said he was not looking for a relationship or to just hang out and kick. I then started to just not call him and ignore him. He began to text me and called me all day. I pretended like I was too busy, but I don't know what to do now. Can someone please enlighten me? I like him but I don't want to waste my time on someone who wants no more than just a booty call or a girl homey to kick it with. GUYS if you're out there please help!


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  • i had the same problem, with a guy that I was talking too, and basically you just have to get over him or just stick with it and be his friend untill he is ready for a relationship, and hopr by that point he has seen your potential as a girlfriend...I chose to just stick with it, and now I have a great friend to talk too, but I'm actually in a relationship with another guy, so there is no potential for me and him...and with the booty call aspect just tell him that your not looking to be his friend with benifits or his booty call but you would love to be friends if that's what he wants at this point...and if he can't accept that then he wouldn't have made a good friend or good boyfriend, because it seems like maybe he was looking for just sex


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  • If you started to not call him or ignore him then you can either do one of two things.

    1. Block your number which would keep him from calling

    2. Tell him straight up that you can be friends but not his booty call or homie lover friend.

    Think to yourself why you really like him and why he really likes you.

    • Thanks 4 the advice, I did those things I blocked him from being able 2 call me & I told him that I was unable 2 play the homie, lover, friend thing & that if he wanted 2 continue 2 B my frined then I would except that, but he had 2 except that he made it this was & that I am open 2 date whoever I wanted. He gave me a puzzled look & said he can't tell me what 2 do but he does not want me 2 B with anyone else because he wouldn't do that 2 me. He's leavin 4 Kuwai in 3mth 4 now I know.....

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  • im going through the same exact thing right now...its the worst I don't know what to do either...i was going to try and do the whole avoiding thing and backing down but I'm the same way where as I like him and I don't wanna completely cut him off...he said he doesn't want a relationship and supp I don't either, but I mean I'm starting to like him and I asked him what was up and he was like I don't know chill, we cool I like what were doin..and I'm like okkkk well am I being used or what cause if I am I'm not gonna continue hanging...sooo I hope you fig something out and then can help me out with it ha

    • Well I talk to a older guy friend of mine and he told me that if he laid it out there that, that's all he wants is to keep doing what we are doing and I want to be in a relationship, then run the other way because there is no since in me waisting my time with him. Time is valuable and something that we can never get back, because if I could turn back the hands of time I would have never given him the time of day...I haven't talk to him in about 2days and he text me today but I didn't respond.