Girl cancels first date, and maybe again

A girl I work with cancelled our first date. Since then we went and got a beer but at her usual hangout and all her friends were around. She texts me frequently and has said she needs someone to "cuddle" with. Now at 10:00 pm the night before our second date (lunch) she "doesn't know" if we are going ahead with it. The second date was her idea, day and time. Granted she has some family in town but she knew that when she suggested the date. I just got the text and am feeling hurt and frustrated so I haven't responded. Any advice?


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  • Sounds like games to me. Not worth it. When the guy I'm dating asked me on a date I was floored! So excited and couldn't wait to see him. She doesn't sound that interested in your or she is playing the game to see how hard you'll try. And lets just say she isn't playing games, she is still showing that she is flaky and can't stand by her word. :) You don't want to be too availible, so if you really think she has potential just text her to let you know when she is free. This gives her a real out in case she didn't like you etc. hope I helped.


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  • FOrget her she is just playing games to boost her self-centred ego.


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  • golden rule #982013

    if a woman breaks a date and doesn't immediately propose another time, she's out.

    hanging out with her friends is like showing you a middle finger "f*** you, Jesse, you ain't worth of my time."

    she's playing with you, man. she's bored to death but she's not attracted to you enough. that's why she's warm and cold.

    what you should do is text her "listen, it's cool, I don't have time either, I already have other plans." if she later says she has time despite her family etc, it doesn't matter. you don't have time. period. except if you wanna act like a little doggy wimp.

    and when/if she "asks you out" next time, you say you're not interested. that's it. if she asks you why not, you say "irrelevant."

    move on, buddy, she's a bad news. and remember, she was out the first time she cancelled on you.

  • Just drop it. its not worth the effort and there will be another one. Move on you will be fine.