Was I a one night stand?

I met this guy online. We emailed back and forth for about 2 weeks, then decided to meet in person. We met up for a casual drink and conversation and as we got more comfortable we went back to his place to hang out in his hot tub. As the night went on we ended up fooling around and probably went too far. (we each had one beer, we weren't intoxicated, and no we did not have sex). We seemed to have great chemistry and I felt comfortable with the situation which isn't always the easiest thing for me. The next evening, feeling a little awkward about the night before, I texted him and let him know I had a great time and wouldn't mind meeting up again for something a bit more casual, I also mentioned that if he was just looking for a one night stand, that it was fine, just to let me know how things stood. I didn't expect any texts back if it had been just a ONS. To my surprise he texted back and we chatted for a bit, and both agreed that what had happened wasn't something either of us did very often. He said he also had a great time and agreed that the next time we met we should try something more casual to get to know each other better. The last text I sent him was a mention of maybe grabbing some dinner the following week to get to know each other a bit. I never heard back from him and it's been 3 days. At this point I honestly don't expect to hear from him, but I just need an opinion from others about this. Was I just a ONS and he was too cowardly to say so?

(If it makes a difference he is a divorced father of two in his mid 30's)


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  • I think even if you didn't have sex, it went too fast. Since he's divorced and a father, he wants things to go really slow, especially if his divorce was painful (and you don't know how he and his ex-wife met).

    So you didn't go far enough (i.e. had sex) to be a one night stand, but you went too quickly to be a "good girl by the books". Telling him "it's OK if I just was a one night stand, just tell me" also hints him you might be into that kind of hook ups.

    He probably thought it over and over, and might still be.

    If you really are interested in him, let Wednesday arrive, and call him (not text) to talk about a restaurant, and you'll see.


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  • Look alcohol will give you a false sense of confidence, people I know who are serious people turn into a jelly, I mean they constantly laugh like a bitch when they are drunk or high, so you two shouldn't drink when you get to know one another, that's a warning for your mental health.

  • Where did you meet him online? and why?

  • Congratulations, you're a cheap whore.


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