Second date help please?

So I went on a first date with a girl last night. We went to a Weezer concert at the fair, then hung out at the fair for a while, then went to eat somewhere. I felt like it went really well. How long should I wait before asking her on a second date? Is asking her to go out tomorrow night too soon? Also, I was thinking about just going to dinner. Or should I think of something else to do also?


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  • Ask her out asap! I am super independent and most certainly not needy, but it frustrates me when guys play these weird "waiting" games. I actually just went on a date 2 days ago and haven't heard from the guy since, making me already go crazy and start to lose interest. Let's put it this way - when did YOU decide whether you want to see her again? Most likely right after the date, or maybe even during it. It's the same for girls! We don't need 3 days to know whether we are interested. If a guy contacted me the next day, there is no way I would think of him as needy, unless he texted/called the whole day without me replying or said something completely crazy. So please don't overthink it, just go for it! She probably already has her mind made up, and holding it off for too long can only hurt you. If you say you don't like to play games, then don't. On the flip side, if for whatever reason the girl was to say no, it's better to know now than waste a week or so wondering. Good luck!

    • Good point. I had already decided I wanted to see her again while we were still on the date. I'll call her tomorrow.


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  • It depends on what the girl is like, a good time limit to wait before calling is 2 days... Most guys just go with the easy nice dinner or dinner and a movie, you could always be creative but that poses a problem too because then she might expect you to ALWAYS be creative and start calling you boring when your not up to the really creative standard.

  • Well its Halloween time take her to a scary movie if she does t like that there are fun animated Halloween movies like hotel transanvilla or frankinweenie that is coming out soon I hope that help (: Good luck

    • ok but should I ask her out again this week or wait?

    • Like ask if your free over the weekend and if she says yeah say would you like to catch a movie if that is okay with you.tell she can pick the movie and you'll pay. I did it asking my ex on the 2nd date it worked but he actually bought the tickets and I bought the snack. Some times that 50 50 thing works just have a convo with her and do be nervous and ask if notion a creep way since its only your second date (: hope I helped

  • could you tell she really enjoyed herself and also have you spoken since, did she text you after the date or this morning saying anything?! this might help :)

    • No we haven't spoken since. But we got back late last night and it's only 10 am here. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself though.

    • don't listen to that other guy, girls don't like being messed around, if you are sure she enjoyed herself then go for it, don't know where you are but ice skating would be fun and really really cute :')

  • Ask her.out tomorrow for Saturday!


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  • You're not going to like...believe...or take my advice. Call her next Thurs at the earliest (Monday would be best). If you call her on Thurs...setup a date for the following Mon. or Tues. Try to think of a fun activity you can do either before or after dinner. Think of unique date ideas. Absolutely no TEXTING...and if she texts you...text her back that you can talk about this on the next date.

    • What's the point of that? I'm not a play games type of person.

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    • greenbean. Most dorks call the next day...or wait the magical 3 days. Waiting to call immediately sets the guy apart from the crowd. I might mean he has a life. If he calls her 5 days later and she hangs up...then he knows she wasn't worth wasting time and money on. If she sounds excited to hear from him...and asks what took him so long to call...then he knows she has very high interest level. This only works on girls with high interest level and good attitudes, girls 23 or over.

    • Greenbean. You can't tell me you would give your number to a guy you're highly interested in...and then reject a date with him if he didn't call for 5-9 days. Obviously you wouldn't know if he waited on purpose or not. If you liked would want to know..whats up! Nothing wrong with a guy having a little mystery. Most guys meet a girl, and act like a puppy on a leash...which has to get old for you girls.

  • message her back 2-3 days later,

    saying hello hows your week

    and do you want to hang out

    on blah blah blah, you can judge

    it by her response, and since its

    Halloween see if their is a haunted

    house or something, she will be

    latched onto you. grabbing and holding

    your hand all in fun sport...