Is something wrong or is she losing interest.

Me and this girl have been talking since the beginning of summer. He have went out on 2 real nice dates and we try to hangout once or twice a week since we are so busy normally. We have always talked everyday pretty much all day from when we get up to when we go sleep. When we hangout we usually end up talking about life what's happening and usually end up cuddling. She sometimes is just content to doing nothing and just curl up in my arms and lay there, sometimes falling asleep. This weekend we were hanging out and up really late. When I was leaving she was staring into my eyes and I knew she finally was ready for a kiss. We both went in for it but definitely was not the best first kiss. Before she went to bed she texted me saying goodnight and that we will have to try that again sometime when its not that late. Every since that day I feel as though her texting has slowed down. Is she losing interest, is it something to do with what happened that night. Or do you think its just the normal that some days you don't talk as much. The day after this happened everything seemed pretty normal but now I'm not sure. Just looking for input and what people think is going on.



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  • I think sometimes it's normal to not talk so much on some days. Also, this isn't always the case, but its happened to me before, that after something happens you just naturally talk less, because there's less build up. Like there was a guy I was talking to all night for hours until we met up for the first time in a while, and after that meet up, we texted a lot less just because we waited to see each other in person before talking more, and because we already knew we liked each other, that kinda thing. He told me the same thing, like "oh it was just really exciting before we met, and after we did we kinda just settled into something comfortable without needing to talk to each other every day" (I know you guys have met already in person a lot but it's kinda the same thing)


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  • It sounds like everything is fine. You already said your both busy. Some days you just don't talk as much as others. I wouldn't worry about it unless things stay weird or your type of conversation changes


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  • Spent all summer with her...but only been on 2 dates? You need to go have some fun on dates...go show her a good time man. It sounds like you've spent way too much time talking and texting...leaving little to be desired. Go show her that you're a fun and interesting guy to be around. Stop texting so much. You need to be like a salesman. You're trying to show her why she should want to be with you instead of all the other guys. Don't lose your opportunity here man. I was bored to death reading this story. You need to change what you've been doing... You need get on with the relationship with her. She's not going to hang around forever.

    • We lived 6 hours a part over summer only started really seeing each other when we got back to school. But it's hard cause she is studious plus a resident director on campus so there just isn't much free time for both of us. As I said we are both busy. But I do agree and see where you are coming from. Thanks for the advice

    • You're welcome man. She could be at a time in her life where she can't put forth the effort needed to maintain a relationship. If you believe this is the case...then move on to other women for now. If you left an impression on her...she might seek you out in the future. Good luck.