How much PDA do you like?

Describe how much PDA (public display of affection) you like. PDA includes things like kissing, hugging, holding hands, cuddling, or even quick comments like like "I love you", all while obviously in a public setting or amongst other people.

Feel free to go into more detail the the poll provides as to things like frequency, specific settings and what is OK in those settings, specific gestures you like or dislike, etc.

  • No PDA ever, Don't touch me in public.
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  • Maybe just a bit. like one when we're out or every other time. Just quick kisses only and no real hand holding or cuddling.
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  • I love it. I wish he/she would never take their hands/lips off of me.
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  • I mostly like it. It's all pretty much OK with me as long as they're not hanging on me every second.
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  • I like a fair amount. A few times while we're out, mostly quick kisses or small gestures, Hand holding and cuddling on rare occasions
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BTW, the main purpose of this question is really to address the frequency of the PDA. I think most people can all agree on what is appropriate behavior in a public setting so that's not really the issue. Sorry I should have been more specific about that.
Good answers so far. I'm surprised, but also not so surprised at the same time by these answers. I expected the general lot of people to a little bit bigger of a PDA fan. That being said, I'm actually not surprised that the guys are more in favor of it. It confirms many things I've read about guys actually needing and enjoying physical touch more than women, because its how we bond.
Ok, let's disregard things like making out, or sexual touching. I'm just talking about basic things, like little short kisses, hand holding, maybe him putting his hand on your leg when sitting together, or around your shoulders while standing and watching something. Innocent stuff like that. If we're only talking about that kind of stuff, how often can you tolerate him doing those things?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hand holding I don't mind. I mean - that's fine and unoffensive. Like if we're walking down the street and he reaches for my hand; I really don't mind that at all.

    Anything else I'm not a big fan of; a quick peck hi, or bye is fine too.

    But I'm not going to be sat cuddled up on a bench making out with a guy for all to see.

    I mean, I guess at night it's a little more okay for me; I don't mind it so much late at night when it's dark; usually when I've had a little to drink too. But generally in the daytime - not a fan. Don't really want to see much more than hand holding - don't really want to do much more than that either.

    • @update. Handholding - perfectly fine. But like not if it's uncomfortable to do so. Let's be practical. But otherwise, mostly I like my own space. I don't mind being 'coupley' just not overly so. So some of it's fine every once in a while, but not all day everyday.

    • Fair enough, that's what I was looking for. Thanks your your answer.

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What Girls Said 8

  • I chose C, but was in between B and C.

    I'm uncomfortable seeing couples making out in the streets/parks.

    I say to most people that I'm a little uncomfortable with PDA, which is generally true. However, I do like to hold hands and link arms in public. Especially during this season, because it's getting chilly out. I don't necessarily define this as PDA because I do this with friends (female ones) sometimes. Quick kisses, maybe only a few (3-4 in a day?).

    When I'm with people I know (friends, family), I hate PDA from some reason. I really enjoy holding hands, but I can't hold hands in front of people I know.

  • I LOVE pda! it just shows me he's taking us seriously and its not just a 'behind closed doors' thing. I love holding hands, and kissing in public, maybe LIGHT making out, heavy is just gross in public. But I love having his arm around me, or somehow touching me at all times :)

  • I picked C. All of that is okay with me when I see other people doing it, and I personally wouldn't go farther than that. Except we hold hands all the time lol

    But again it depends on the people you're around... Around my parents, nothing beyond holding his hand. Kissing in front of parents is kind of strange.

  • I get bothered when people make-out in public, mainly in broad daylight I guess. But personally, I'm fine with like little pecks on the cheek every once in awhile or so, and I absolutely love hand holding. I wish my boyfriend would hold my hand a little more often in public.

  • My rule for PDA is: If I don't want to see other people doing a certain thing, or wouldn't want to do a certain thing in front of my parents/family, I won't do it in public.

  • C/B

  • hand holding

    linking arms


    pecks on the cheek

    But if we're going to kiss properly/ make out, at least get me in a doorway...

  • I think C is okay


What Guys Said 3

  • I don't mind hugging, kissing, hand holding, puppy dog flirting, butt tapping, or stuff that isn't over the top.

    My SO doesn't feel as comfortable being all romantical in public.

  • I'd prefer smaller gestures to kissing, nothing so excessive. Things should be kept private after all.

  • I'll say B... I'm not too comfortable with demonstrative women. I'd like PDA to stay at a minimum early in the relationship. I'd give my girlfriend a quick hug goodbye in public, nothing more.