Not sure if she's really interested or what?

Well, I got this girl's # from a friend. We texted a few days then agreed to go out for coffee. I picked her up at her house. She introduced me to her parents. We had a good time and when I took her home, she invited me in. I declined, but only cause I felt nervous. She gave me a hug. The next day she asks me if I would like to sit beside her at church, so I did. We still text and we both are going out to the movies this coming weekend. She really doesn't ask me many questions at all. I'm not sure what to think. Are we just hanging out as friends?


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  • Call her or txt her " would you like to go on a date Friday" if she says yes she likes you or she will tell you we can go out as friends


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  • I think she likes you, but she's just a casual girl who's letting you take it at your own pace. If she's going on another date, she likes you, plus, you already met her parents.

    • I still get hugs and we went out to eat and to the movies (kind of our second hang out date). I'd like to hold her hand, but should I wait for more of a signal or just go for it?

    • Go for it