When young women (early 20’s) date much older men (40’s/late 30’s), who is the one who usually initiates this?

In other words, I sometimes see young women in their early 20’s date men in their 40’s or late 30’s. Is it usually the woman’s idea to do this, or the man’s? Is this usually the result of the man wanting to pursue much younger women, or is it the result of the woman already wanting to pursue much older men?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I've seen it happen both ways, but men typically are more aggressive in those situations where there's a large age gap. These girls are usually eye candy, trophies and they actively peruse them drawing them in with their money or charm.

    There are some cases where the girl goes especially for the older guy though. They're typically the gold digging type (and I don't judge them by the way...there's always a story behind people). Sugar daddy's tend to be higher up there in age. Of course they're more established financially and have learned that pretty things makes her do things.

    In the cases where money has nothing to do with it, you're looking at a girl who has daddy issues and guy who wants a woman he can control.

    So it totally depends.