Is this guy not into me?

So I met this guy online Thursday, he completely legit,but lives in another state we are both attracted to each other. We Skyped Thursday night. We texted all day Friday, and we Skyped again Friday night(he suggested it). Then he didn't text me all day Saturday so I texted him later on at night and he never replied! :(


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  • TIME OUT.. what is Saturday and Sunday?

    The weekend. And you only met him Thursday yes? So maybe he had plans for the weekend that he didn't tell you about.

    I would give it until Monday evening before you give up. THat gives him Sat and Sun to do his thing. Monday to get back to work/school... and MOnday night to come back online.


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  • Unless his phone died/he is in an emergency, he should test you back in 24-48 hours. If not, he is probably not that into you.