How to follow up after my first date?

Hey all,

I just got back from my first date with this girl. We went to the zoo and it worked out great! We talked and had a good time. However during the date I'm worried I acted no affectionate enough. I didn't make a move to hold her hand or I didn't hug her afterward because I was worried how shed react. We never called it a date just a hangout but I think she likes me. How do I approach her now and what do I say to make up for not hugging or holding her hand. I put my hand around her waist for a picture and she seemed to like it so I should have taken that as a hint.

Please help me decide how to talk to her post hangout regarding my affection problems. Thanks.


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  • Tell her you had a great time and ask her out again. Give her a time date and place. Then on the second date start by putting your hand on her waist to lead her when your walking. Like across the street or turning a corner

    Start small like that and she'll get the hint you like her


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  • I agree. Call her and tell her you had a great time and you would like to take her out on an official date. No need to explain your "affection problem". You have the opportunity to be affectionate on your date. No need to rush...just do what feels right. Flirt, laugh and have fun that is the key...the affection part will just come naturally :)

  • Call her, tell her you had a great time and ask her out on a real date! :)


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