Why do guys always say they'll talk to you, but then don't?

This happens so often. Like on the last day of my summer program this guy I was friends with asked for my number, then never texted me. I talked to this other guy who I was also friends with over the summer a few weeks ago and at the end of our convo he's like I have to go, but I'll talk to you soon. And he hasn't talked to me since. Then there was this guy I met last weekend who I've been talking to every day since with him texting me first, except Friday he never texted me so I texted him Saturday and we talked for a while and when I said goodnight he said he would talk to me tomorrow (so today) but he has not texted me yet.

I don't get it, why do guys do this...


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  • Girls do this too. It's been done to me before. Simple rule of thumb is to let the interest do the talking and to speak your mind.


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  • You probably didn't do your part. The game of love requires 2 players understand? Next time give some effort to hint your guy that you like him.

  • Nervousness, insecurity, can't get it in their heads the girl LIKES them, lots of 'excuses', not that any are good reasons lol. But it happens particularly with boys around your age.

  • Some do it intentionally to get in your head. Some do it because they're actually busy.

  • dunno,they sound weird.


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