Why did we from potentially something to nothing?

Here is the story I was good friends with this guy for like a month (he was in my class) we both were in a relationship, we broke up with each others partners. We hung out twice, and I thought it was good. We cuddle and almost kissed. (my fault that we didn't) now he doesn't text me and hung out with his ex on his birthday. How can he go from being close to me to nothing? How am I suppose to deal with this?


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  • Thats life I'm afraid , you just need to move on.There's nothing else anyone can really say.


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  • Sometimes when someone breaks up with someone they have been with for some time the realize there is more there with that person an they return there. Sometimes the guy might just think he is not going to try something new. I am sorry your feeling hurt by this. I know I would be too. I hope he does come around again - if that is what you really want - if not realize that he might have gone back to her after seeing you and that would have detroyed you more.