How can I tell him I'm 5 months pregnant?? he blocked my number

there's an app I can text him from but I called to tell him and he didn't answer and I'm having a little boy...can you please give me an idea of a text message I'm so nervous right now


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  • Do you have a way to contact any of his family (does he have any)? Are you on good terms with them?

    Maybe if you have to you contact them and tell them to let him know, even if you're not on exactly the best of terms, especially since he's being a bit immature, and tell them to relay the message.

    Is he on Facebook? Can you email him or contact him? Does he have friends that are more mature that will tell him?

    Other than that, I don't have any ideas. I wish you the best.


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  • Honestly if he's been trying not to hear from you, I might just be absolutely bluntly upfront: "I'm pregnant."

    My reasoning for this is because if he won't answer your call, there's a chance he would delete any message from you before fully reading it. If it seemed like he would meet up with you to have a talk if you asked, I'd say say it in person, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to make sure someone knows.

  • Uhm, my cousin was in that same situation 3 years ago. What she did is, she e-mailed the dad of her boyfriend telling her about her condition. And that's it. The guy didn't want any responsibility and walked out on my cousin. So basically, just let your boyfriend know, text him using your mom, dad, sister, friend's number. If he comes back, see if he's changed and accept him. If he don't, move on.

    I wish you all the best! Stay healthy. :)

  • use a friends phone?

    • i can use this app to send him a text bt I don't know how to send it I don't know what to say I dontwant to say it simple and plain

    • Just say that you understand that he doesn't want to talk to you, but there is something really important that he needs to know. He should trust that if it wasn't hugely important, you wouldn't have contacted him. Ask him to meet you somewhere or something and talk about it, I feel like this is the kind of news that shouldn't be delivered through texting.